Who we are

Santos & Pereira Ltd. has existed since 1991. The company was founded by its owner/director Vítor Santos with the aim of developing the fruit and vegetable export business that he had started some years before and soon after Portugal’s entry into the then European Community. Since that time, much has changed in Europe, across the wider world and in the fruit and vegetable trade in particular. Santos & Pereira has had to keep ahead of these changes, while still preserving the firm’s core approach to the business.

The company mission has continued to be the selection and exportation of the best fruit and vegetables from Portugal, especially from the Oeste (west) region.

The original company principles are as important today as they ever were – a fact that motivates and drives our small but dedicated team:

  • to acquire and maintain an in-depth knowledge of the products sold and the markets in which we trade;
  • to create and maintain reciprocal ties of confidence in our products with our clients.

We understood from the first that our word would be our strength. We take pride in being specialists and so we only supply products we know well. Based on this, we have built up our reputation as a serious company. A company which can always be relied upon and with which strong, lasting relationships can be forged. And that is something we mean to retain…