Our Brands

Our brand names are Santos & Pereira's face in the world and, as such, they represent our ongoing commitment to professionalism and quality.

We have created these brands with specific commercial objectives and with different markets in view, yet still with the same characteristics.

We are seeking to present the beauty and freshness of our produce using positive, ecological imagery, thus communicating the message to our consumers that eating fruit and vegetables is a very healthy, tasty option.


This is the oldest Santos & Pereira Ltd brand. Because of this and because of the consistent quality experienced by its consumers over the years, this is the brand that now enjoys the best reputation.

In France, where it is most visible, Savibel is recognised by the experts as a benchmark of quality and is valued as such when compared with competing brands.


We conceived the Belrocha brand with pre-packaged fruit - especially punnets - in mind.
Today, we also use it in newer markets, such as Morocco.